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Article in ‘Building the French Dream’

To celebrate their 10-year anniversary, the construction company ‘Finishing Touch’ had a magazine published about the perks of living in the South of France – and their own building projects of course.In ‘Building the French dream’ are interviews with a diverse range of people who live and work in the area. One of them is yours truly!

Exhibition in KopenHagen

From 4 May – 1 July 2013 Marina’s Cells, Fingerprints and several Big Roses will be exhibited in Illums Bolighus in Kopenhagen, Denmark.
The Vernissage is on 4 May… Updates follow!

an Ever Evolving Work of Art

In May this year (2012) I have started developing an idea that I have called ‘the ever evolving work of art’. Basically it is a painting that I will work on for the rest of my life. It consists of many parts, big and small, that are stand alone works of art, and at the same time belong together. The Ever Evolving work of art will be presented for the first time during the ‘Wonder and Make a Wish’ exhibition that starts coming Friday the 14th of September (see previous posts). The prices vary from 250€ to 3000 €, so there is a piece for every budget!

Big Rose in print

Remember the aquarelle ‘Big Rose’ that was chosen as design for the ‘Stop Aids Now’ Artbag of 2012? The bag will hit the shops in October, and it will only cost 5 €. I will regularly update you from this space, for instance about the prototype that I now have in my possession ☺
But first a spin off of this project: high quality silk screen prints, numbered and signed by yours truly will soon be available!

Exhibition ‘Wonder and Make a Wish’

From 14 – 16 September 2012 the exhibition ‘Wonder and Make a wish’ will take place in Golfe Juan, featuring new work by five Dutch artists based in the Côte d’Azur. The artists will donate 10% of every sold work to the charity ‘Make-A-Wish’, which will be introduced in the Côte d’Azur during the exhibition.

Now represented by Galerie Oscar!

From August 1st 2012 onwards artist Marina Kulik will be represented by Galerie Oscar in Nice

Galerie Oscar is a gallery for contemporary art, with an inventive approach and a great eye for original art from emerging international artists. For Marina it means that her artwork will be promoted on a broader international basis, and for new and existing collectors of Marina’s work this is good news too as there will be a higher level of publicity and her paintings will become an even better investment…

Big Rose on Artbag for Aids

Every year, a Dutch well known artist makes a design for ‘the Artbag’. That is a shoppingbag that is produced and sold in high volumes and the proceeds go to ‘Stop Aids Now!’, an organisation which fights aids in third world countries and especially focuses on women, adolescents and children. This year, Marina Kulik has created the design – a big, multi colour rose…

Atelier News: a reconstruction portrait part 4

The portrait is finished, I’m waiting for the ‘verdict’ of my client. Always very exciting especially this time because I made the background much simpler than planned. I hope she likes it…

Atelier News: a reconstruction portrait part 3

I have now as extra input the portrait of Chris’ daughter Lucie. As it turns out there is so much resemblance! It is amazing what you see when you truly dive into another person… The mouth, the look in their eyes, the stillness around them. They are beautiful, the little girl and her dad.

Atelier News: a reconstruction part 2

Reconstruction portraits are portraits that are made without the possibility of a life session. Based on pictures and descriptions. Working from photo’s is not at all bad by the way: they are often spontaneous, they are very patient, they don’t move and they are strictly two-dimensional.