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On the cover!


"Homes collection" Last month I was approached (via the website) by the editor of  the Russian Real Estate Magazine  "Homes collection": They found me through my website and asked if they could use one of my paintings - and  (to make a long story short) of course they could, and it all worked out fine!

So in the June 2010 edition, an aquarelle by Marina Kulik is featured...

And not only that - the editorial mentions my "subtle mysterious and poetic" way of painting and there is a full page print with a rose on page 47... I don't really read Russian, but I can recognise certain words,  and it looks great like this don't you think :) I am very proud and the good thing is also that I have now also joined them as an illustrator!!


On Saturday 8 May the official opening ("vernissage") of  l'Abstrait in the airport of Nice...

The artists were introduced by the organisation and the attaché culturel de La Gaude. The nice looking guy on my left is Olivier Menu whose explosive art was printed  on the invitation
Until 30 July the business centres of Terminal 1 and 2 of the airport of Nice, shows abstract work "L'Abstrait". There are marble and other stone sculptures, original 3D objects made out of plexiglass and of course paintings and drawings, in all kinds of media. Acrylics, oils, fresco, laquer, gouache, ink and a couple of aquarelles... yep, they're mine.
I've been there all morning to put up my work (6 paintings in total) it was of course great fun to be there and meet the other artists! Catherine Monmarson was there, Michel Baudet, Hannelore Jüterbock, all great artists and very nice and creative and their work is fantastic! OK, not in watercolours, but hey! That's why you have me in there, as your aquarellista representative...
Anyway - If you are in the neighbourhood, go and have a look and if you are in the neighbourhood on May 8th around 6 PM, that's even better: you are most welcome to join us for the festive vernissage!

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