Femmes du Monde

In the Terminal 1 and 2 business centers of Nice Aéroport, the exhibition “Femmes du Monde” can be admired. It is an interesting collection of paintings and sculptures by a heterogenuous group of  artists with the same intriguing theme, known as “the woman”!

Three of the participating artists are related to the Pink Ribbon charity – they are Wim Teunissen, Fiona Biziou both painted one month in the Pink Ribbon calendar, as did Marina Kulik, who has painted several aquarelles in support of Pink Ribbon, the association helping women and men around the world in their fight against breast cancer

“For this exhibition, Nice Aéroport has chosen three of my « Pink Ribbon » portraits, picturing Amanda, Francien and Minou! They are on display on a prominent spot, with a couple of other portraits of women…

The exhibition is open until the 22d of October