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‘Farewell’ wins Prize of the Culture Council

Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in Amerikaans Engels.

‘Franchement Art’ 2nd edition

Expo Marina Artist Team in Dutch Consulate Nice

Vanaf 1 maart jl tot 2012, zijn er zes aquarellen, gemaakt door het Marina Artist Team, te zien in het Nederlands Consulaat te Nice. Het Marina Artist Team bestaat uit Marina Kulik, Marina Teding-van Berkhout en Cathie van der Stel, drie 'aquarellista's', die samenwerken aan opdrachten voor huizen, portretten (van mensen en dieren) en bruidsboeketten.

Het consulaat heeft al een aquarel van Marina Kulik in haar bezit, namelijk het portret van Hare Majesteit Koningin Beatrix.

Er hangen een Berner Senner pup en Druiven van Marina Teding van Berkhout, een portret van een prachtige donkere vrouw en klaprozen van Cathie van der Stel en een portret van een klein meisje en 'Cat & Frog' van Marina Kulik.  De tentoonstelling is te bezichtigen door iedereen die het consulaat bezoekt. En alle getoonde schilderijen zijn te koop...

Exhibition in Les Terrasses d’Antipolis


“Petits Formats” 10 – 24 December

Artour in Villeneuve

Citadelle Villeneuve Loubet

On June 19th Marina Kulik exhibited her abstract aquarelles and demonstrated the noble art of aquarelle during  "ARTOUR" 2010 in the Citadelle of Villeneuve Loubet (property of the Marquis de Panisse)

The exhibition targeted the business people of Sophia Antipolis, the high-tech area of the Côte d'Azur, "our" Silicon Valley.

The participating artists had put up their artwork (paintings and sculptures) outside in the courtyard, the sun was shining and they were giving demonstrations and telling the interested visitors about their work...

And then it started to rain!
"Luckily there were lots of plastic, I could cover my precious aquarelles, they were not damaged - the demo's were very wet-in-wet from that moment onwards. An hour later the sun came back and stayed for the day. My work looked good in the evening sun with the shadows of the palmtrees!"

Aquarelles Marina


On Saturday 8 May the official opening ("vernissage") of  l'Abstrait in the airport of Nice...

The artists were introduced by the organisation and the attaché culturel de La Gaude. The nice looking guy on my left is Olivier Menu whose explosive art was printed  on the invitation
Until 30 July the business centres of Terminal 1 and 2 of the airport of Nice, shows abstract work "L'Abstrait". There are marble and other stone sculptures, original 3D objects made out of plexiglass and of course paintings and drawings, in all kinds of media. Acrylics, oils, fresco, laquer, gouache, ink and a couple of aquarelles... yep, they're mine.
I've been there all morning to put up my work (6 paintings in total) it was of course great fun to be there and meet the other artists! Catherine Monmarson was there, Michel Baudet, Hannelore Jüterbock, all great artists and very nice and creative and their work is fantastic! OK, not in watercolours, but hey! That's why you have me in there, as your aquarellista representative...
Anyway - If you are in the neighbourhood, go and have a look and if you are in the neighbourhood on May 8th around 6 PM, that's even better: you are most welcome to join us for the festive vernissage!