“Petits Formats” 10 – 24 December

From 10 to 24 December, the yearly exhibition “Petits Formats” takes place in the Salle Saint-Esprit in Valbonne.
A group of around 15 artists show their smaller work and sell it for very interesting prices: starting at 10€, the maximum is 250 €.
Marina Kulik is one of the exhibiting artists. She will show poetic aquarelles, with high quality hand signed prints that can be used as exclusive Christmas cards.

“I am working on a series of “Christmas decorations” right now, it is great fun to do and I have really fallen in love with the concept of Xmas balls, they look so great, I may produce a couple of real ones. and definitely some big artistic handpainted beads for the Dutch jewelry brand Merrl that I design for. But I can’t say for sure what I will end up with in December, I’ll keep you posted.
If you are interested in ordering a couple of cards, drop me an email via the contact page and I’ll get back to you!”