This page shows photos of previous Art Projects. The monumental ones are created outside in nature or in buildings. They are ephemeral or created out of recycled materials. They are 3-dimensional and  use perspective and optical illusion. The smaller ones are recycle-art (created out of left-over Arches watercolour paper).

Landart: This project in the garden of the Museum of Perfume in Grasse-Mouans Sartoux was titled ‘the O of Oxygen’. It exists of around a hundred blue spheres, in three circles, (O3 is ozone) in a pergola with roses. One of the circles continues on the bench that stands in the middle of it. The roses grow and bloom and the appearance of this installation changes every day, depending on the roses, the light and the weather. The spheres are re-used and will be and the blue content is recycled blue material of very diverse origin.

Landart: these cypress trees have a ribbon of oak leaves around them. Seen from one side it looks like the ribbon has the same width, but this is optical illusion. The ribbon on the closest tree is much smaller than the ribbon on the furthest one.

Monumental art: this staircase of 30 steps has been painted (with spray paint) so that it looks like a pond with koi carp from one side, and like a piano with marbles from the other side. Created in the beautiful village of Eze in the south of France.

Monumental art: A 20 meter wall, in the Grand Palais in Paris, filled by 20 artists and then auctioned for charity

Monumental art: inside a building. Murals (no pictures) and abstracts on wooden elements

Recycling: These small 3D works are created out of left-over Arches watercolour paper. I simply can’t throw away the unused scraps – instead I roll them up and glue them to old watercolour boards. They are unbelievablystrong, they stay clean (no dust) and look great and modern on a white wall..