About Marina Kulik

Marina Kulik studied monumental design at the HKU in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She graduated in drawing, graphic arts and painting.
Since 2000, Marina works in France as a full time independent artist. She divides her time between monumental projects, autonomous painting and teaching (watercolours and life drawing) in the Art Center of Châteauneuf.

Like designers Victor & Rolf and Jean Paul Gaultier before and after her, she created the ‘Artbag’ for the Durch Aids Fund. She was commissioned for the portrait of the queen for the dutch consulate and won the ‘Grand Prix d’Aquarelle in 2012. Outside she works with natural pigments on optical illusions, which are, like her paintings, often based on DNA.

“As a monumental artist I love to work with the inspiration of a space or a construction and the wishes of a client. In nature I use the perspective and the surroundings in concepts which re often inspired by DNA. I also start my own projects, like my 6 meter long fresco ‘The Ever Evolving work of art'”