Now represented by Galerie Oscar!

From August 1st 2012 onwards artist Marina Kulik will be represented by Galerie Oscar in Nice

Galerie Oscar is a gallery for contemporary art, with an inventive approach and a great eye for original art from emerging international artists.  For Marina it means that her artwork will be promoted on a broader international basis:

“I am very happy with this development! After my successful exhibition in Galerie Oscar in Nice, I kept in touch with them because especially curator Emilie Janda is a great sparring partner and an inspiring person! Now that they actually represent me I can always count on their input and feedback – and of course they take a lot of administrative work,  but also marketing and publicity, from my hands. Time that I can now spend on painting! And on developing new ideas and projects…”

Emilie Janda from Galerie Oscar will focus on further development of Marina’s abstract projects and on international marketing of the full length ‘informal portraits’.

“From the moment I saw Marina Kulik’s paintings during ‘Franchement Art’ in Villefranche, I was attracted to her colourful and original  ‘MyDNA’ series, the fingerprints and serpentines. When Marina exhibited with Galerie Oscar, I was introduced to her ‘McRoses’ and I immediately recognized the potential in her work. This was proven right after the exhibition when ‘Big Rose’ was chosen by the Dutch AIDS fund to be printed on their famous Artbag. Marina’s full length (and other) portraits are already well known in French and Dutch circles and we are going to make sure they get the attention they deserve in other countries too, starting with the Scandinavian art market. We are delighted to welcome Marina Kulik in our midst.”

For new and existing collectors of Marina’s work this is good news! There will be a higher level of publicity and Marina’s work will become an even better investment.  Galerie Oscar can be contacted for additional information and services.

Galerie Oscar
51 Avenue de Mont Alban
06300 Nice

Emilie Janda