Big Rose in print

Remember the aquarelle ‘Big Rose’ that was chosen as design for the ‘Stop Aids Now’ Artbag of 2012? The bag will hit the shops in October, and it will only cost 5 €. I will regularly update you  from this space, for instance about the prototype that I now have in my possession ☺

But first a spin off of this project: high quality silk screen prints, numbered and signed by yours truly will soon be available! My new number one favourite printer Cristian de Bruijne from Cristian de Bruijne Zeefdruk  has worked very hard to create a colourful, strong reproduction of the image. And that has worked out!

As he says himself:
“The reason of my enthusiasm is that Marina gave me free reign. This resulted in a reproduction that is as beautiful as it can possibly be. With this way of working I am at my best – it was a super job in all respects!”

The prints will be presented on the ‘Wonder and Make a Wish’ expo (see previous post)…