Article in ‘Building the French Dream’

Building the french dreamTo celebrate their 10-year anniversary, the construction company ‘Finishing Touch’ had a magazine published about the perks of living in the South of France – and their own building projects of course. ‘Building the french dream’ is a great read, very professionally made, the layout is beautiful and the subjects are interesting! Apart from a lot of interesting stories about lovely villages, like Théoule sur Mer, Valbonne, Lorgues and Mougins, there is an article about ‘Le Hangar’, the art center where I teach live drawing and watercolour painting and also there are interviews with a diverse range of people who live and work in the area. And one of them is yours truly! I am proud just to be included, but the great news is also that the magazine is distributed in high numbers in France, Scandinavia as well as the Benelux. All in all a wonderful opportunity to be introduced to new people… The paintings in the left are now in Kopenhagen, the one in the middle is now finished and belongs to ‘Ever Evolving’, just like the one on the right. More about that very soon!

58 - Marina