Monumental work

IMG_8734bSince a couple of weeks I am creating a huge painting on an outside 30-step staircase. It is a commission and despite the incredible heat at the moment in the South of France, I love the project. I’m working with spray paint (so in a way this is grafitti art ☺), felt pen, acrylic paint, kilometers of masking tape and special varnish, to achieve an optical illusion.


It has been an incredible job to get it right, luckily I had help from the daughter and partner of the client! I suggested a fish pond, they chose Koi carps, I drew the basic lines and together we added the colours.

Invisible in the video are the two footsteps that you have to stand on to see it ‘exactly right’ because from all other viewpoints it is just a niceIMG_8428 bunch of colours!

Apart from a couple of details this first painting is finished. My ‘assistants’ are in New York again and I have started the next painting.
It is going to be on the other side of the steps, to be seen from 2 footsteps on the lowest point of the stairs – looking up! Another great big challenge of which I will definitely post the result, as it will be extensively filmed – by a drone!!