Big Rose on Artbag for Aids

Every year, a Dutch well known artist makes a design for ‘the Artbag’. That is a shoppingbag that is produced and sold in high volumes and the proceeds go to ‘Stop Aids Now!’, an organisation which fights aids in third world countries and especially focuses on women, adolescents and children. This year, Marina Kulik has created the design – a big, multi colour rose

“As soon as I saw the announcement, I uploaded my Big Rose design. First of all because it was for Stop Aids Now and that is a cause I deeply feel for. Also because I love it when my work can have additional value. And because I always buy the Artbag myself (for the good cause and because they are so handy!) And last but not least because it is fun to participate in a contest – especially when it is with a jury!

After I sent the image I found out that others needed to vote for it via facebook, and that a jury was going to select the winner from the Top Ten… So I have started a big time spamming campaign – and that really has worked! Big Rose ended up safely in the Top 10, together with plenty of other good and original designs! I didn’t count on anything, but the jury has – after 4 days of deliberating- chosen my design!! I am superglad and proud, and I cannot wait to see the bag in real life!  The most rewarding for me is that I can really contribute to Stop Aids Now!”
Order the bag and support Stop Aids Now? or drop me an email via the ‘contact’ page on this site…

Price of the bag: 5€