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Exhibition Holotropic Art Symposium 2011/2012

Exhibition Holotropic Art Symposium: Artists from four continents exhibit in the Dana Gallery by: Loredana OPREA Date of publication: 17/01/2012 The Holotropic Art exhibition is opening today. The works can be admired until 20 March. Professional artists from four continents - Europe, USA, Asia and Africa - will exhibit at Iasi. Their creations will be presented at the third edition of the exhibition "Art holotropic Annual International". The opening is scheduled today at 18 o'clock at Dana Gallery in Str. Prof. Cujba.

The exhibition brings together paintings by artists from France, Denmark, Switzerland, Romania, USA, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Nigeria and Algeria. Among the exhibitors this year are painters who participated in previous editions: Attika Boubezari (Algeria), Muriel Desgardin (Switzerland), Marina Kulik (France), Edi Apostu, Zamfira Birzu, Gabriela Drinceanu, Ana Gabriela Dulgheru and Dorin Lehaci (Romania). For the first time participating artists Wale Ajay (Nigeria), Helle Antonsen (Denmark), Smaranda Bostan, Sabin Drinceanu, Roxana Irina Odobasa, Lucian Sebastian Radu (Romania), Nadine Bertulessi (France), Anton Buttler (South Africa), Dumas Hufreesh (India), Damaring Ferasmara (Indonesia) and Dave Dazzlin Peterson (USA).

In making their creations, participants used inspirational music composed especially for this event by the initiator of this artistic trend, Edi Apostu. In his opinion, holotropic art is the art which is the result of transpersonal experiences and which can transpose the beholder into states of overconsciousness.

"His music influences my work: usually I let myself be inspired by a combination of my mood, sound, the light, the weather and the behavior of my paint, transparent aquarelle, which is thin as water and mixes, blends, drips and flows. The “look and feel” is organic, natural. For this project I concentrated mainly on music, which is new to me and cannot be compared. In order to express what I experience with Edi Apostu’s music I have chosen a mixture of smooth oil and opaque acrylics, which give me more control, and deeper tones. The transparency and the suggestion of depth and volume that I use in my “regular” paintings appear in this work too – the music requires that". says artist Marina Kulik.

The exhibition will be presented by Edi Apostu and will be hosted by Dana Gallery until 20 March.

The Mystery of Survival – MyDNA in Galerie Oscar

Until 1 February 2012, Marina shows an overview of her latest aquarelles in the hippest gallery of the Côte d'Azur, Galerie Oscar in Nice. The theme of this solo exhibition is 'the mystery of survival', referring to DNA, cells, fingerprints, portraits and other unique aspects of life that determine a person's survival and are omnipresent in Marina's work. The aquarelles are painted with Winsor and Newton on hand made paper, which absorbs the transparent paint in a different way. This makes the repair of mistakes absolutely impossible, but also makes the colours come out  much stronger - an effect I love!

Galerie Oscar is a galerie for contemporary, modern art. They work in an original and different way with their artists and  for example regularly have events around the art, with speakers, music and great food. They also organize yoga classes in the mornings and arrange art rentals.

You can visit the exhibition and Galerie Oscar on 9 Rue Fodéré, 06300 NICE For more information visit