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Ever Evolving in Théoule…

0DSC00337smDuring the expo 'Les Artistes des Pays-Bas' in Théoule, all six meters of 'Ever Evolving' were on display on a prominent place, the back wall. It received a lot of attention from visitors and the press.

The pictures in this post  are made during the expo 'Les Artistes des Pays-Bas' which ran in the Espace Culturel in the village of Théoule, South of France. It was a lovely exhibition, with creations of Dutch artists who work in France.


There were sculptures of Ineke Velsink, the fantastic portrait of the king by Annelies Hoek and great abstracts by Frédérique Versteegh. The expo was presented in a beautiful way - and as you can see, my 'Ever Evolving' (the 'Fresque' as it was called in the press) got a fair amount of attention...

Nice Matin I was so happy with it! The curaotor, Helena Goossens had really given it a wonderful and prominent spot. I have never seen it so complete. And it will never be the same, because I sold 2 big chunks... It was great while it lasted! Now on to a similar exhibition, at SMART in Nice. 0Clipboard06