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Monumental work

IMG_8734bSince a couple of weeks I am creating a huge painting on an outside 30-step staircase. It is a commission and despite the incredible heat at the moment in the South of France, I love the project. I'm working with spray paint (so in a way this is grafitti art ☺), felt pen, acrylic paint, kilometers of masking tape and special varnish, to achieve an optical illusion. IMG_8426 It has been an incredible job to get it right, luckily I had help from the daughter and partner of the client! I suggested a fish pond, they chose Koi carps, I drew the basic lines and together we added the colours. Invisible in the video are the two footsteps that you have to stand on to see it 'exactly right' because from all other viewpoints it is just a niceIMG_8428 bunch of colours! Apart from a couple of details this first painting is finished. My 'assistants' are in New York again and I have started the next painting. It is going to be on the other side of the steps, to be seen from 2 footsteps on the lowest point of the stairs - looking up! Another great big challenge of which I will definitely post the result, as it will be extensively filmed - by a drone!!

‘Aquarellistes de Valbonne’ DUO Exhibition

0PeppersIt is time again for the yearly exhibition of Les Aquarellistes de Valbonne, in the Salle St Esprit (next to the church) in Valbonne. A great opportunity to see new, never exhibited, original watercolours of  Marina Kulik and her watercolour-mates. The theme of the exhibition is 'Twins'  - or 'DUO' in French, and the work is inspired by 'doubles', duo's, sets and gemini's... So Interesting! All watercolours are for sale, the prices are very reasonable, so if you are looking for something poetic to upgrade a room, or something original to give as a present, don't hesitate to pass by, you won't be disappointed! The exhibition starts Monday 15 June and is open every day from 3 - 7pm, on Friday and in the weekend also from 10am - 1pm. It finishes the0 Oeufs Marina 25th of June...

I will be present, with bubbly, rosé and nibbles and in a festive mood from 3 - 7pm on:

Wednesday 17 June

Thursdays 18 June and

Thursday 25 June.

Forces of Nature in Valbonne

PosterFdlN2015From 9 April - 19 April, the Artotheque of Valbonne presents the exhibition ‘Forces of Nature’! My friend Sally Ducrow and myself, we worked very hard to create a spectacular and colourful exhibition, and we both think it worked out really well!! It has all kinds of representations from the natural world and the forces behind it, imagined and for real - from tiny animals and plants, to outer space and DNA-ribbons, in watercolours  and acrylics, it's all there. Lots of original sculptures by Sally, made in wood and other unusual materials, full of creativity and imagination - made with love by the both of us... Note that the "Forces of Nature" are also great for children - who are of course most welcome!

The exhibition can be checked out in the ‘Salle St Esprit’ next to the Church in Valbonne. One of us is always present, every day from 10.30am to 6pm.

Two ceramisaurae


"Two artists invite you to discover unusual and poetic art, inspired by natural phenomena – and human interpretations of them. In this exhibition you will find black holes, nebulae, coloured DNA ribbons, plant life, animal life, humans... and even a river god - as well as an ever evolving artwork. To express her visions, Marina Kulik creates meandering and enticing shapes, bursting with beautiful colour harmonies, in watercolour and acrylics. The sculptures and 3-D collages of Sally Ducrow are mostly in wood, painted or partially charred, often combined with stone inclusions, metal, shell, glass ... This exhibition truly is a feast for the eyes!”

‘Ever Evolving’ in La Roquette

'Ever Evolving', the now 6 meter long work of art, is on tour! All of January it will be on display in the Mairie of La Roquette sur Siagne.

02 The work, existing of 35 canvases which all fit together and can also exist seperately, are split into seperate, 150 cm long 'banners' for this exhibition. On the sockles there are sculptures by friend and fellow artist, Patience Devas.

08 The newest parts (which replace sold canvases) have all been added - and everything still fits perfectly, it's a great puzzle!

09 For those of you who don't know it: The Ever Evolving Work of Art is a large painting in mixed technique (oil and or acrylics) that is constructed from several canvases, large and small. These canvases are ’stand alone’ and also fit together. Whenever a part is sold, it is replaced with a new part, that is different, yet ‘fits’ again. Buying a piece you will know that it is always part of something bigger!

Marina: "I love replacing sold parts with something different that still fits - not always easy- and in 'slow times', I extend it. It is very inspiring, and it is also a record of my life as an artist in the 21st century... One day this will make a fun animation movie, with music, generated by the colours... we're working on that too..."

You can visit the exhibition, also featuring sculptures by DEVAS and Marina's portraits, ZODIACS and big Roses, on workdays from 8am to 4pm. Vernissage with a glass and a nibble on Thursday 8 January from 6.30 - 8pm The address: 630 Chemin de la Commune La Roquette sur Siagne 0492194500


Ever Evolving in Nice

Newsletter Mercedes DecemberIn December 2014, the newest version of the 'Ever Evolving work of art' or 'La Fresque' as the French like to call it, was hanging in the beautiful showroom of Daimler Smart in Nice: the big glass tower you see on your right hand when driving to Italy. 00fs If passing at night, you could see the colourful fresco from far!! A spectacular view, that attracted many people...


1418554528The well-visited opening

The exhibition closes on 30 December, and Ever Evolving then moves on to La Roquette sur Siagne!

Ever Evolving in Théoule…

0DSC00337smDuring the expo 'Les Artistes des Pays-Bas' in Théoule, all six meters of 'Ever Evolving' were on display on a prominent place, the back wall. It received a lot of attention from visitors and the press.

The pictures in this post  are made during the expo 'Les Artistes des Pays-Bas' which ran in the Espace Culturel in the village of Théoule, South of France. It was a lovely exhibition, with creations of Dutch artists who work in France.


There were sculptures of Ineke Velsink, the fantastic portrait of the king by Annelies Hoek and great abstracts by Frédérique Versteegh. The expo was presented in a beautiful way - and as you can see, my 'Ever Evolving' (the 'Fresque' as it was called in the press) got a fair amount of attention...

Nice Matin I was so happy with it! The curaotor, Helena Goossens had really given it a wonderful and prominent spot. I have never seen it so complete. And it will never be the same, because I sold 2 big chunks... It was great while it lasted! Now on to a similar exhibition, at SMART in Nice. 0Clipboard06

Back in Villefranche!

Clipboard01From Friday 6 until Monday 9 September, the contemporary Art Fair 'Franchement Art' takes place in Villefranche.

Several International galleries will be present, amongst them NFF Japon, a gallery from Hyogo in Japan, with  interesting Japanese artists. Also Galérie Polysémie from Marseille, Atelier 5, Galerie LD and FG Fine Art.

"I will surely exhibit the latest version of the 'Ever Evolving work of art' in stand 36. That will be new, as I sold several parts and I will make sure they are replaced. There will be more new and recent work and I will definitely give more détails in a later stage. I also hope to show the paintings from the Holotropic Art Symposium.

It is already the third time that I participate, I am proud to be part of such a high quality event, with very good artists. I know that it is always very original and lively, with many events in all of the village of Villefranche, so I look enormously forward to be part of it again."



Exhibition ‘Aquarellistes de Valbonne’

DSC02521From 18 to 27 June, 'Les Aquarellistes de Valbonne' exhibit their  watercolour paintings in the fantastic and spaceous gallery of the Artothèque in Valbonne, the 'Salle Saint Esprit'. The theme of this exhibition is 'Voyage' and all 10 members of the group show paintings within the theme, as well as  some autonomous work. The quality of the shown work is high, and at the same time the prices are very attractive. Actually, this is your yearly chance to obtain a watercolour from painters like Cathie van der Stel and Marina Kulik, for prices up to half of their normal value... AQ Marina's autonomous work in this exhibition, are framed studies for 'Chaos Theory', a painting that consists of random fabrics which together form a recognisable shape ... Chaos Theory

Article in ‘Building the French Dream’

Building the french dreamTo celebrate their 10-year anniversary, the construction company 'Finishing Touch' had a magazine published about the perks of living in the South of France - and their own building projects of course. 'Building the french dream' is a great read, very professionally made, the layout is beautiful and the subjects are interesting! Apart from a lot of interesting stories about lovely villages, like Théoule sur Mer, Valbonne, Lorgues and Mougins, there is an article about 'Le Hangar', the art center where I teach live drawing and watercolour painting and also there are interviews with a diverse range of people who live and work in the area. And one of them is yours truly! I am proud just to be included, but the great news is also that the magazine is distributed in high numbers in France, Scandinavia as well as the Benelux. All in all a wonderful opportunity to be introduced to new people... The paintings in the left are now in Kopenhagen, the one in the middle is now finished and belongs to 'Ever Evolving', just like the one on the right. More about that very soon!

58 - Marina

Exhibition in KopenHagen

From 4 May - 1 July, my work will be exhibited in the famous Danish Design House Illums Bolighus in Kopenhagen. Together with 3 other artists from Gallery Oscar I will show paintings. Big Rose, Bigger Rose (in the making at this moment) and maybe even 'Biggest Rose' will be shown, as well as silk screen prints, Cells and Fingerprints... The Vernissage will take place on Saturday 4 May and before that I will definitely come back to you with more info! I am delighted to be part of the GO-crowd!