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Forces of Nature in Valbonne

PosterFdlN2015From 9 April - 19 April, the Artotheque of Valbonne presents the exhibition ‘Forces of Nature’! My friend Sally Ducrow and myself, we worked very hard to create a spectacular and colourful exhibition, and we both think it worked out really well!! It has all kinds of representations from the natural world and the forces behind it, imagined and for real - from tiny animals and plants, to outer space and DNA-ribbons, in watercolours  and acrylics, it's all there. Lots of original sculptures by Sally, made in wood and other unusual materials, full of creativity and imagination - made with love by the both of us... Note that the "Forces of Nature" are also great for children - who are of course most welcome!

The exhibition can be checked out in the ‘Salle St Esprit’ next to the Church in Valbonne. One of us is always present, every day from 10.30am to 6pm.

Two ceramisaurae


"Two artists invite you to discover unusual and poetic art, inspired by natural phenomena – and human interpretations of them. In this exhibition you will find black holes, nebulae, coloured DNA ribbons, plant life, animal life, humans... and even a river god - as well as an ever evolving artwork. To express her visions, Marina Kulik creates meandering and enticing shapes, bursting with beautiful colour harmonies, in watercolour and acrylics. The sculptures and 3-D collages of Sally Ducrow are mostly in wood, painted or partially charred, often combined with stone inclusions, metal, shell, glass ... This exhibition truly is a feast for the eyes!”