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Back in Villefranche!

Clipboard01From Friday 6 until Monday 9 September, the contemporary Art Fair 'Franchement Art' takes place in Villefranche.

Several International galleries will be present, amongst them NFF Japon, a gallery from Hyogo in Japan, with  interesting Japanese artists. Also Galérie Polysémie from Marseille, Atelier 5, Galerie LD and FG Fine Art.

"I will surely exhibit the latest version of the 'Ever Evolving work of art' in stand 36. That will be new, as I sold several parts and I will make sure they are replaced. There will be more new and recent work and I will definitely give more détails in a later stage. I also hope to show the paintings from the Holotropic Art Symposium.

It is already the third time that I participate, I am proud to be part of such a high quality event, with very good artists. I know that it is always very original and lively, with many events in all of the village of Villefranche, so I look enormously forward to be part of it again."