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an Ever Evolving Work of Art

In May this year (2012) I have started developing an idea that I have called 'the ever evolving work of art'. Basically it is a painting that I will work on for the rest of my life. It consists of many parts, big and small, that are stand alone works of art, and at the same time belong together. I am often working that way even with my aquarelles, but then it is limited to one painting consisting of more pieces. This one is going to be huge, it will never stop. Of course it is just a concept right now, I have 7 paintings so far, that together form a 140x120 cm painting. As soon as I will sell one piece, it will be replaced with another, that may be completely different, but still fits! And when that is done I keep developing the Ever Evolving, extending it with more canvases, into hopefully a huge - but not too huge- monumental work. The other side of this is the movie that will be made of the developments. Every change will be recorded, and in a couple of years this will lead to a painted animation! The following 1-minute video shows the making of Part one, a 30x30 canvas painted with acrylic...


The Ever Evolving work of art will be presented for the first time during the 'Wonder and Make a Wish' exhibition that starts coming Friday the 14th of September (see previous posts). The prices vary from 250€ to 3000 €, so there is a piece for every budget!

In the coming days I will post the other 7 'making of' videos (6 more parts and then the total) and of course if there are updates and new paintings I will keep you posted!