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‘Ever Evolving’ in La Roquette

'Ever Evolving', the now 6 meter long work of art, is on tour! All of January it will be on display in the Mairie of La Roquette sur Siagne.

02 The work, existing of 35 canvases which all fit together and can also exist seperately, are split into seperate, 150 cm long 'banners' for this exhibition. On the sockles there are sculptures by friend and fellow artist, Patience Devas.

08 The newest parts (which replace sold canvases) have all been added - and everything still fits perfectly, it's a great puzzle!

09 For those of you who don't know it: The Ever Evolving Work of Art is a large painting in mixed technique (oil and or acrylics) that is constructed from several canvases, large and small. These canvases are ’stand alone’ and also fit together. Whenever a part is sold, it is replaced with a new part, that is different, yet ‘fits’ again. Buying a piece you will know that it is always part of something bigger!

Marina: "I love replacing sold parts with something different that still fits - not always easy- and in 'slow times', I extend it. It is very inspiring, and it is also a record of my life as an artist in the 21st century... One day this will make a fun animation movie, with music, generated by the colours... we're working on that too..."

You can visit the exhibition, also featuring sculptures by DEVAS and Marina's portraits, ZODIACS and big Roses, on workdays from 8am to 4pm. Vernissage with a glass and a nibble on Thursday 8 January from 6.30 - 8pm The address: 630 Chemin de la Commune La Roquette sur Siagne 0492194500


Ever Evolving in Nice

Newsletter Mercedes DecemberIn December 2014, the newest version of the 'Ever Evolving work of art' or 'La Fresque' as the French like to call it, was hanging in the beautiful showroom of Daimler Smart in Nice: the big glass tower you see on your right hand when driving to Italy. 00fs If passing at night, you could see the colourful fresco from far!! A spectacular view, that attracted many people...


1418554528The well-visited opening

The exhibition closes on 30 December, and Ever Evolving then moves on to La Roquette sur Siagne!