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Wearable Art in Casablù

From 10 September onwards Marina Kulik shows a collection of hand painted bracelets and necklaces and hats in Galerie Casablù. Also on display several of MArina's aquarelles and jewelry by Françoise Weber. The galerie is open every day from 10am - 7pm Casablù Rue Eugène Giraud 06560 VALBONNE

‘Franchement Art’ 2nd edition

From 2-5 September 2011, the second edition of the contemporary art fair 'Franchement Art' takes place in the Citadelle of Villefranche sur Mer Renowned galeries and well-known contemporary artists show their paintings, sculptures, photographs and other artwork. Aquarellista Marina Kulik is one of the chosen artists. She will show her large size abstracts, big multicolour roses and  a preview on her 'Glam Women' portraits. "I participated in the first edition and I had a great time with the other artists, we had inspiring talks and of course tremendous fun... In the picture below (ripped from the official brochure) you can see me (middle, right), looking at the work of another participant. The number of visitors could have been higher and the organisation promised for the second edition to promote better and louder.  This year more galeries are exhibiting and the overall quality seems to be higher, the 'ballotage' being more strict. I got selected, phew! My stand will be next to that of my Dutch sculptor-friend Ineke Velsink. Our work looks great together and I look very much forward to showing it to the many international visitors. I expect to sell and get commissions for Glamorous Women Portraits" The entry to the Contemporary Art Fair 'Franchement Art' is free, more information on their website nb: if you are looking for painters (like me) go to 'Plasticiens'

Expo Marina Artist Team in Dutch Consulate Nice


From March 1st onwards, until 2012, six aquarelle watercolours created by the Marina Artist Team will be on display in the Dutch Consulate in Nice. The Marina Artist Team are Marina Kulik, Marina Teding-van Berkhout and Cathie van der Stel, three aquarellistas, who work together on commissions for houses, portraits (of people and pets) and wedding bouquets. The Consulate already owns a portrait in aquarelle of her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, made by Marina Kulik.

Shown are a Berner Senner puppy and Grapes by Marina Teding van Berkhout, portrait of a black woman and poppies by Cathie van der Stel and portrait of a little girl and Cat & Frog by Marina Kulik. The exhibition is open to everybody visiting the Dutch consulate. Click the dutch flag on the upper right hand side to read the Dutch translation...

Exhibition in Les Terrasses d’Antipolis


From Tuesday 18 January to 11 April (2011), Marina Kulik exhibits her abstract paintings in the Centre d’Affaires of the "Espaces Antipolis" as well as the Restaurant "Les Terasses d' Antipolis" in Sophia Antipolis, the 'Silicon Valley' of the South of France. The show is initiated and organized by Ambre International,  an association promoting "quality contemporary art by famous international artists whose work contributes to the Mediterranean and European cultural influence".  It will feature Marina's existing myDNA series as well as her recent work on "Planets". The exhibition is open on working days from 8 AM to 7PM. Les Terrasses d'Antipolis 300 route des Crêtes 06902 Sophia-Antipolis Tel : 0493006060

“Petits Formats” 10 – 24 December

From 10 to 24 December, the yearly exhibition "Petits Formats" takes place in the Salle Saint-Esprit in Valbonne. A group of around 15 artists show their smaller work and sell it for very interesting prices: starting at 10€, the maximum is 250 €. Marina Kulik is one of the exhibiting artists. She will show poetic aquarelles, with high quality hand signed prints that can be used as exclusive Christmas cards.

"I am working on a series of "Christmas decorations" right now, it is great fun to do and I have really fallen in love with the concept of Xmas balls, they look so great, I may produce a couple of real ones. and definitely some big artistic handpainted beads for the Dutch jewelry brand Merrl that I design for. But I can't say for sure what I will end up with in December, I'll keep you posted. If you are interested in ordering a couple of cards, drop me an email via the contact page and I'll get back to you!"

Exhibition in Rumania

From 12 August to 28 August, 6 paintings of Marina Kulik will be exhibited in "Galeria de Artă ”Cupola” in Iasi, during "The International Annual Holotropic Art Symposium" of 2010. The work is made especially for this exhibition, the 12 international artists that were chosen to participate, created their art on the music of Rumanian composer Edi Apostu.

"Edi's music is intriguing, etheric and unsettling at the same time and playing it while designing made me use other forms and shapes. I also wanted to work in a less transparent, more defined way that required another material - so I stepped back from aquarelle and used a mix of oil, acrylics and felt pen. The colours are much brighter and the shapes much sharper and more intense. I made one big painting on six smaller canvases and then found that they were all works in their own right, that are all telling their own story. So I decided to show and sell them seperately and if one is sold, I'll make a new one in it's place that will change the "whole" of six. And I'll keep track of that with my camera, so in the years it will hopefully develop into something completely different. It was a great, inspiring project and I learned tremendously from it..."

After the exhibit in Rumania the work will move to Italy. More news about that later! For more information on the Holotropic Art Symposium visit


Art Supermarket in Valbonne

Super Marché de l’Art

July is the month of street theatre festival in Valbonne, and within that, the artothèque of Valbonne organises a "Super Marché de l’Art" - an Art Supermarket, from 9 to 11 July.

This supermarket is an exhibition combined with the possibility to buy original artworks (paintings, sculptures and objects), built up like a traditional supermarket! The visitors can shop and fill their baskets with original artwork - or just admire!

Creativity and humor will surprise the public, there will be stands where the artists are demonstrating - and you may be invited to join in. There is a very special wine stand, a fish "rayon" and much more... One of the 15 artists who present their work is Aquarellista Marina Kulik. She will present her Multicolour Roses, and the necklaces, bracelets and earrings she designed for Dutch jewelry brand "MERRL" in that same theme. 

The Supermarché de l'art takes place from 9 - 11 July

Pré des Arts – parking de la Vignasse 06560 Valbonne village

More information: Artothèque l’Art Tisse 14 Rue de la Fontaine 06560 Valbonne Village -Tél. : 04 93 42 04 56

Artour in Villeneuve

Citadelle Villeneuve Loubet

On June 19th Marina Kulik exhibited her abstract aquarelles and demonstrated the noble art of aquarelle during  "ARTOUR" 2010 in the Citadelle of Villeneuve Loubet (property of the Marquis de Panisse)

The exhibition targeted the business people of Sophia Antipolis, the high-tech area of the Côte d'Azur, "our" Silicon Valley.

The participating artists had put up their artwork (paintings and sculptures) outside in the courtyard, the sun was shining and they were giving demonstrations and telling the interested visitors about their work...

And then it started to rain!
"Luckily there were lots of plastic, I could cover my precious aquarelles, they were not damaged - the demo's were very wet-in-wet from that moment onwards. An hour later the sun came back and stayed for the day. My work looked good in the evening sun with the shadows of the palmtrees!"

Aquarelles Marina

Salon d’Art Contemporain in Valbonne

Contemporary Art Fair in ValbonneFrom 2 to 5 September 2010 the wellknown yearly Contemporary Art Fare will take place in Valbonne. Galeries and artists of all disciplines will participate, one of them Marina Kulik, who will show a recent collection of her large size aquarelles.